Ilse Evertse & Associates

Welcome to Ilse Evertse & Associates: Academic writing, editing & translating

We edit English academic texts written by authors whose native tongue is not English. The topics and fields cover an enormous range that is largely related, but not limited, to management. Two of the team members are also very experienced translators. We serve academics throughout Europe and beyond, many of whom become loyal clients throughout their careers. We offer you extensive notes – free of charge − to improve your English before and after writing.

Ilse Evertse & Associates is based in and operates from the Netherlands.

Why should we edit your papers?

  • We believe that we distinguish ourselves from other academic editors because we are all South Africans or ex-South Africans , a country where most English speakers are not native speakers, and each group’s English is not only spoken differently, but also written differently.

  • We edit UK English and US English: About 75% in the latter and 25% in the former.

  • Our knowledge of European languages allows us to mostly understand what authors wish to convey.

  • We truly edit and don’t just correct the grammar − as borne out by our clients’ recommendations.

  • We offer you notes - free of charge - to help you help yourself.

  • We normally return papers within two days. Very long papers and books take longer.

  • At the end of the year you will receive a Christmas letter summarising the year, enabling you to get to know us better and reminding you of your favorite editing team.

What do we edit and translate?

The lion’s share of our editing and translating comprises management in all its diversity, IT, politics, marketing and marketing statistics, anthropology, sociology, geography, economics, urban planning, and… Well, at the time of writing (always wanted to write this) it is far too hot to remember them all.

André translates from French into English, Jan and I from German into English as well as from Dutch into English when we have time.