Our Fees


We charge Eur 35.50 per hour and can edit anything between 1 (rarely) and 5 pages per hour (1.5 spaced, 10pt font, and based on an average of 400 words per page), depending on the client’s English language and writing skills. The average is 3 pages (or 1200 words) per hour. You can limit the fee charged by applying the notes you find here.

We do not normally edit the list of references, but one of our editors will do so on request.


We translate from French, German and Dutch into English and charge between 12 and 15 eurocents per word.


Jan Evertse is our administrator and will invoice you at the end of the month in which the editing or translation was completed. If you need an order number, please ensure that you obtain one and mention this to the relevant editor. You must ensure that the editor has the name, physical and email address of the person to whom the invoice should be addressed. Please don’t presume that you know how your university’s admin works – it is seldom as simple as it should be. The invoice contains all the details required to pay it.

The Dutch Tax Office instructed us not to add VAT to our services; we therefore do NOT have a VAT number.

NB: We only accept payment via bank transfers. Payments from within the EU are without banking transaction costs if you choose the SHA method; from outside the EU please use the OUR option or the option that includes all transaction costs. We cannot handle credit cards or PayPal.